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Our Story

It all started when a few buddies decided to take a spontaneous weekend getaway to explore the outdoors in BC. We had a few activities in mind, including skiing, snowboarding, and hiking, but we were open to trying just about anything. While waiting for another friend to join us, we stumbled upon an E-bike rental shop while exploring Vancouver. Excited by the idea of touring through beautiful Stanley Park on these bikes, we decided to rent them and set off on a morning adventure.

Despite most of us not having ridden a bike in years, we were all amazed by the E-bikes' capabilities. We could get as much or as little of a workout as we wanted, and it made us feel like teenagers again. Even after skiing and hiking the beautiful mountains of BC, we all agreed that the E-bike tour was the highlight of our trip.

When we returned home, three of us immediately purchased full suspension E-mountain bikes and became addicted to the sport.

Our love for outdoor adventure, combined with the unforgettable experience we had on those E-bikes, inspired us to create this well rounded portfolio of camping essentials, water-sport equipment and bike rentals. 


We hope to provide others with the same thrilling and exciting experience that we had that day in Vancouver.


Horseshoe Valley Outfitters

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