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Quayles Bound: E-Mountain Bike Brewery GPS Guided Tour

Our Self Guided ride is perfect for an Epic Journey to Quayles Brewery! Hop on our badass e-bikes and conquer the wild 50-minute GPS coordinated ride one way, tearing through off-road thrills and slick on-road tracks, perfect for beginners craving adventure. Savor mouthwatering culinary creations from their damn fine food truck and quench your thirst with straight-from-the-farm brews on tap.

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The Brewery

Quayles Brewery is a craft beer haven offering a delightful range of handcrafted brews. Indulge in rich flavors, from hoppy ales to bright pilsners, in their rustic taproom. With a passion for quality, Quayles serves up a memorable experience, blending innovative tastes with a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The Space

Chill out in a cool rustic setting, with a self-serve grub truck. Surrounded by lush greenery, hop vines, and a dog-friendly patio, it's the ultimate spot to kick back and unwind after a nice ride.

Hours of Operation 

Thursday through Saturday 11-9PM

Sunday 11-8PM

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