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Orillia Waterfront
(Water-sports, Biking)

The Orillia Waterfront is a scenic and vibrant destination located in the heart of Orillia, Ontario. With its picturesque views of Lake Couchiching and diverse recreational activities at Couchiching beach Park the Orillia Waterfront is the perfect spot for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Additionally, the Waterfront is also known for its variety of restaurants, making it an excellent destination for foodies.

Entrances: The Orillia Waterfront can be accessed from various entrances located on Atherley Road and Centennial Drive. Visitors can also enter the park from nearby streets and parking areas.

Costs: The Orillia Waterfront is free to enter, making it an affordable destination for everyone.

Activities: The Orillia Waterfront has something for everyone. Visitors can enjoy scenic walks, canoeing, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking or bike rides along the waterfront trail. Grab your rod and try your luck from many fishing docks. The park also has several playgrounds for children, making it an excellent destination for families. During the summer months, the Waterfront hosts various events and concerts, adding to its vibrancy.


Restaurants: The Orillia Waterfront is also known for its diverse selection of restaurants and eateries. Visitors can indulge in delicious meals while enjoying the stunning views of Lake Couchiching. Whether it's a casual outdoor patio or a fine dining experience, there are numerous dining options available.

Parking: There is ample parking available near the Orillia Waterfront, including several parking lots and street parking. (Google map link below to main parking)


In conclusion, the Orillia Waterfront is a scenic destination that offers a variety of recreational activities for visitors. With its free admission, convenient access, ample parking, and a diverse selection of restaurants, it's an ideal spot for nature lovers and foodies alike.

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